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The original item was published from 11/16/2021 3:43:00 PM to 11/16/2021 3:44:10 PM.

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Brady Chapel Restoration

Posted on: November 16, 2021

[ARCHIVED] Why Preserving History Matters

Brady Chapel at Mountain View Cemetery in Pocatello, Idaho

History preserved makes history remembered. Preserving history matters and is what allows us to learn from our past successes and failures. Preserving history maintains the stories of old in the form of monuments, museums, artifacts, and writing. Our history allows for people to take a glimpse into what once was and to see what progress we’ve made since then. In this article, you will learn about the need for preservation and the choices we can make to help preserve the historic and cultural identity of Pocatello.

Why Historic Buildings Need To Be Saved

Brady Chapel at Mountain View Cemetery in Pocatello, Idaho

The history of our community is unique. The preservation of our important structures, like the Brady Chapel, plays a critical role in honoring and celebrating the historic and cultural character of Pocatello. Some of these benefits include:


Cities and towns that have embraced their heritage and allowed it to remain often take on a vibrant, eclectic feel, a trick that could not be pulled off in new construction by the cleverest architects. Preservation enhances real estate values and fosters local businesses, keeping historic main streets and downtowns economically viable. Heritage tourism is a real economic force, one that is evident in places that have preserved their historic character. Developers are discovering that money spent rehabilitating historic buildings is actually an investment in the future. These structures could be the showpieces of a revitalized city.


Restoring historic buildings connects us to the past. They are physical reminders of what came before us and help to create a sense of culture in a neighborhood. Historical buildings give us a way to study the past and make sense of our heritage. Old buildings have unique characteristics that can be difficult to replicate in new commercial builds. You may be able to make a new structure look similar to the old, but it won’t feel the same unless the same building techniques and materials are used.


Any form of restoration is environmentally friendly compared to a new build. You are not wasting materials or creating a need for new materials. Efforts to restore buildings can also help to limit other environmental factors, such as suburban sprawl, traffic, and environmental degradation. You can restore a structure that has value, history, and meaning without the need for demolition or investing in tons of new materials. With historic restoration or preservation, you can return a structure to its original look while also making it more energy efficient and increasing its value.

How Can Pocatellans Preserve Their History

Historic Downtown Pocatello in Idaho

There are many ways we all can aid the effort of preserving our community’s history. Everything from donations, attending historic preservation events, educating yourself and others on our history, and even sharing articles and social media posts can contribute to historic preservation. All of these things are small actions that can make a big difference in our community.

Preservation or Eradication? The Choice Is Ours.

The unfortunate reality is that without your support our history is left helpless. Preservation of history takes community-wide effort and support. Pocatello’s citizens have the tools and resources to help, which is why the City of Pocatello and Historic Preservation Commission are bringing awareness to historic structures like the Brady Chapel. We strongly encourage you to put the available preservation tools and resources to good use.

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