Pocatello Trail Mapping

City Creek Trail in Pocatello, Idaho

The City of Pocatello, US Forest Service and BLM are working to develop a community-driven vision for a sustainable regional trail system and use that vision to assess local trails for vision compatibility, develop a regional trail map, and create a prioritized list of improvement projects for public land managers to consider implementing.

Steps We've Taken

Steps Underway

  • Identify system needs on our trails

    WE NEED YOUR HELP!  Where is there erosion?  Where is there a new trail we haven’t mapped?  Where does a bridge or other structure need to be replaced?  Where should a new trail go?  Use the following links:

Next Steps

  • The City will use the information gathered about EVERY ONE of our trails to prioritize projects.  We will work with trail users to develop this priority project list.  The USFS and BLM will go through similar steps.