Why Build in Pocatello?

Save Money

  • We haven’t raised our building permit fees in 15 years.
  • There is no permit application fee at the time of submittal and there is no plan review fee on residential projects.
  • Our City project review committee will take a look at your project for free and residential and small commercial projects can usually be approved without the requirement of professional design.

Save Time

  • We issue permits for electrical, plumbing and mechanical contractors over the phone for small projects.
  • We accept inspection requests twice daily and most inspections happen within 30 minutes of the requested time.
  • Licensed electrical, plumbing and mechanical contractors pay permit fees on your schedule. We’ll send the bill when our next monthly billing cycle comes around or you can pay right away with your credit card.
  • Projects within zones where the land use is permitted can obtain planning approval through the typical building permit process.
  • Pocatello does not have architectural review or other design requirements unless the project is located within a designated historic district.

Knowledgeable Staff

  • Our Inspectors have an average of 35+ years of trade and inspection experience and are fully certified as inspectors.
  • We strive to have the same inspector with you throughout your project. We look at every project as if we are your partners and we will work with you for a successful completion.


“I would like to take this time to thank your Building Department and all the staff involved. The inspectors were very helpful in ensuring the project went smoothly and was built correctly. In addition, the final occupancy process went very well and allowed us to finish the project on time.”

Brian D. Hetmer
Vice President of Operations
CM Company, Inc.