Bannock County Ambulance District Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) Volunteers

Ambulance services in Inkom, Downey, and Lava Hot Springs are provided by volunteers. If you are interested in becoming an EMT volunteer, please read the Volunteer Information (PDF) below and fill out an information request form.

You can also access our job description for a Volunteer Emergency Medical Technician (PDF).

Information Request Form

Volunteer Information


  • The Bannock County Ambulance District is looking for ready, willing and able men and women to provide ambulance service to their local communities.
  • The position of EMT Volunteer requires an individual who is physically fit due to the nature of the job. It can impact an individual both mentally and emotionally as well.
  • EMT Volunteers should be close enough to respond to staff an ambulance in the communities of Inkom, Lava Hot Springs or Downey.
  • No experience necessary. Complete, comprehensive training will be provided for all EMT Volunteers.
  • The Ambulance District is also recruiting employers and members of the community to drive the ambulance, help lift patients and provide support to EMT Volunteers.
  • Employers can assist by allowing staff members to become an EMT Volunteer.
  • Community members can assist by helping with the recruitment effort and the development of an established professional organization of EMT Volunteers.
  • The Ambulance District is looking for individuals willing to make a long-term commitment to their community.

What You Get

  • Membership on your community EMS team
  • Professional, certified EMT Training
  • Personal satisfaction
  • Community Service and recognition


  • Will last approximately 6-8 weeks.
  • Training sessions will be held every Saturday (approximately 8 hours) and twice-a-week evening sessions (approximately 3-4 hours).
  • Approximately 130 hours of training, plus a certification test at the end of training.
  • You must attend all classes throughout the course.


  • In southern Bannock County – site location will be close to the majority of EMT Volunteers involved.


  • Bannock County Ambulance District will provide the training at no cost.


  • Once trained, EMT Volunteers are expected to take a minimum of four 12-hour shifts per month.
  • Attendance is required at the monthly two hour refresher training in-service provided by Bannock County Ambulance District.
  • Every three years, a “refresher” course is conducted and must be attended to re-certify as an EMT Volunteer.


  • Ambulance jackets, shirts and cap will be issued to each EMT Volunteer at no cost to the EMT Volunteer.
  • Closed-toe shoes are required on all ambulance calls.

Monetary Reimbursement

  • No compensation will be paid during the EMT Volunteer Training Course.
  • EMT Volunteers will be paid $10 for each 12-hour shift worked.
  • A limit of 15 shifts per month has been established to prevent “burnout” of EMT Volunteers.

Assistance with Employers & Families

  • If you are interested in becoming an EMT Volunteer, the Ambulance District can assist you in approaching your employer.
  • The Ambulance District recognizes that both employers and family members will be making a sacrifice of time in allowing an individual to be an EMT Volunteer.