Pocatello Flag

Pocatello Flag


Central to this design are the three mountain peaks most prominent to Pocatello—Scout Mountain, Kinport Peak, and Chinese Peak. In addition to representing the natural beauty of Pocatello, the peaks symbolize industry, recreation, and education. The compass rose is a directional emblem symbolizing Pocatello’s central role as a transportation and trade hub for rail, road, and air. In addition to its ties to transportation, the rose also points to our past, present, and future. The color gold represents the region’s agricultural ties and prosperity of the city. The lower white portion of the compass star is suggestive of the snowy peaks that frequent our mountain views. The form also creates an abstract arrowhead to acknowledge the area’s Native American history. The design conveys upward motion, signifying positive hope for the future. The blue symbolizes the sky and blue line near the bottom of the flag symbolizes the Portneuf River.

Color Information

RGB: 54, 97, 173
HEX: 3661ad
PMS: 7685 C

RGB: 219, 47, 50
HEX: db2f32
PMS: 179 C

RGB: 255, 204, 45
HEX: ffcc2d
PMS: 122 C

RGB: 255, 255, 255
HEX: ffffff


This work is marked with CC0 1.0

News Release
From Worst to ?: Pocatello Raises New Flag
September 19, 2017

After an effort that spanned the globe, Pocatello’s new flag flew over the city for the first time Tuesday.

The Pocatello Veterans Honor Guard had the distinction of hoisting the flag for the first time and the ceremony marked the end of the Gate City’s effort to raise a new flag. In 2015, the city was highlighted in a TED talk by Roman Mars titled “Why city flags may be the worst-designed designed thing you’ve never noticed” as having the “worst city flag in North America.” Since the talk’s debut in March 2015, it has amassed 4.5 million views. A few of which were what sparked local residents to ask the City to take on a redesign effort.

“This was a citizen driven effort from the beginning and I applaud them for showing myself and many in the community what a good flag can mean for a city,” said Mayor Brian Blad. “I don’t know where the North American Vexillological Association will rate us now but regardless, I am proud of what we’ve accomplished.”

The Ad-Hoc Committee formed in the spring of 2016 and in the fall, the committee accepted submissions from the public. Once the submission processed ended, the committee found itself looking at 709 designs from 26 countries and 31 of the 50 United States. In early 2017, a panel of experts began weighing in on the designs and in March, the public had the chance to offer their opinion on all 709 designs. The effort wrapped up with a public comment period on a final six revised designs. The current design rated the highest among the public.

“The response was beyond anything the committee could have imagined,” said Logan McDougall, Flag Design Ad-Hoc Committee Chair. “Now, to have the design on the flag pole is a feeling that’s tough to describe and again, I’d like to thank the committee for their diligence in seeing the city raise this flag.”

The flag is a compilation of several designs and incorporates important symbolism that was highlighted by the public and experts.

“Many of the flags that were submitted had one or more of the themes present in our flag,” McDougall said. “The new flag does a fantastic job of recognizing the different elements that make up Pocatello.”

Businesses and individuals who would like to utilize the flag design can find image files and color specifications at flag.pocatello.us. The website also features a description of all the symbolism contained in the flag.

“We’ve heard about interest about the design being used for t-shirts, hats, and even socks,” said McDougall. “We’re looking forward to seeing what everyone can come up with.”

Residents who would like to purchase a flag can do so at the Pocatello-Chubbuck Chamber of Commerce. The flags are 3 feet by 5 feet and are $50 plus tax.

Below is a list of artists whose submission contributed or had similar features of the final design whether through style or symbolism.

Michael MantiaCelebration, Florida
Heather ParkePocatello, Idaho
Yuri Nelson Santos MatiasGovernador Valadares, Brazil
Sarah StarckBothell, Washington
Andrew BensonMilwaukee, Wisconsin
Anne KratzPocatello, Idaho
Todd AsayPocatello, Idaho
Iker YoldasKepez, Canakkale, Turkey
Alan HardyNottingham, England, United Kingdom
Ken SugiuraMunroe Fall, Ohio
Stephen KellyMyrtle Beach, South Carolina
Jon BrekerInkom, Idaho
Andrew MarisFair Haven, New Jersey
Brian MansbergerChicago, Illinois
Jack CacklerMountain View, California
Aaron RosenPanama City, Florida
Aaron PhillipsIdaho Falls, Idaho
Joshua KeeleyPocatello, Idaho
Malik BurdanOntario, Canada
Adam JesterMount Morris, New York
Dusan NedeljkovicKrusevac, Republic of Serbia
Scott WoodPocatello, Idaho
Cathy KratzPocatello, Idaho
Sandy Haufal MalikJakarta, Indonesia
Lawrence KratzPocatello, Idaho
Christopher Bradshaw & Tina RileyRigby, Idaho
Eric BeckerRantoul, Illinois
Bruce OlenickPocatello, Idaho
Matthew HutchinsonCambridge, Massachusetts
Tony BurtonMilsons Point, New South Wales, Australia
Alice ElwoodNibley, Utah
Darcie PorterPocatello, Idaho
Eddy LyonsPortland, Oregon
Ryan BakerPocatello, Idaho
Annalee MurrRoberts, Idaho
Taylor LawesPocatello, Idaho
Michael VasquezPocatello, Idaho
Jordan WestergaardIdaho Falls, Idaho
Tiffany KearsleyPocatello, Idaho
Fondereaux WilsonPocatello, Idaho
Emily IannucciPocatello, Idaho
Philip MurphyPocatello, Idaho
Madeleine ColesPocatello, Idaho
Penni Young GrootePocatello, Idaho
Nick LeonardTakoma Park, Maryland
Semyon BurovMoscow, Russia
Brett MoxeySouthbank, Victoria, Australia
Austin JensenVelva, North Dakota
Thomas CampbellPocatello, Idaho
Jonathan MillerMokena, Illinois
Linda MitchellRexburg, Idaho
Craig ThompsonPocatello, Idaho
Tomas AriasLondon, United Kingdom
Patrick GundersonLos Angeles, California
Timothy DavisBelmont, California
Nathan BroadheadPocatello, Idaho
Cristobal Barra C.Santiago, Chile
Mackenzie FugerPocatello, Idaho
Dylan MillerPocatello, Idaho
Gabby BatorPocatello, Idaho
Patrick HansonPocatello, Idaho
Garrett SmithPocatello, Idaho
Emma WilliamsPocatello, Idaho
Kayden GrunigPocatello, Idaho
Hyrum BrintonPocatello, Idaho
Drew RobertsPocatello, Idaho
Baker BeechPocatello, Idaho
Meghan CalleyPocatello, Idaho
Kyle KassmanPocatello, Idaho
Jean MillerPocatello, Idaho
Brystene SmithPocatello, Idaho
Quincy TatomChubbuck, Idaho
Morgan ChristensenPocatello, Idaho
Samantha YazziePocatello, Idaho
Marcus WoodinPocatello, Idaho
Shelbey EmfieldPocatello, Idaho
William FernandezClarecastle, Republic of Ireland
Misha MelikovDonetsk, Ukraine
Tyler JohnsonChubbuck, Idaho
Mason HobsonPocatello, Idaho
Tomasz MagierowskiWroclaw, Poland
Elias Sejer Riis FoldagerHojbjerg, Demark
Carson McCurdyPocatello, Idaho
Ella FallowsPocatello, Idaho
Kaitlyn BerryChubbuck, Idaho
Zoe DoerrPocatello, Idaho
Claire CameronPocatello, Idaho
Tyson PricePocatello, Idaho
Iain PantonPocatello, Idaho
Marissa CoxPocatello, Idaho
Abigail DeakinPocatello, Idaho
Rhiannon RenoPocatello, Idaho
Tregan YounisPocatello, Idaho
Mya LoveChubbuck, Idaho
Keaton RollenePocatello, Idaho
Lane FrasurePocatello, Idaho
Jenna OlsenPocatello, Idaho
Jared HensleyPocatello, Idaho