Pocatello Water Operations Facility

News release graphic announcing Pocatello's Water Operations Facility as LEED Certified

The City of Pocatello’s Water Operations Facility was the first publicly-owned building in Pocatello to earn a LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Green Building Certification. 

In June 2015, the building was certified by the U.S. Green Building Council. The award is given for buildings that are designed, constructed, maintained, and operated in the most environmentally responsible manner. 

A few highlights of the building’s construction include: 

  • 24.8% energy savings when compared to similar, conventionally constructed buildings 
  • 20% reduction in water use (not including irrigation)
  • 76% reduction in landscape water use
  • No stormwater run-off through on-site stormwater management
  • 100% high-reflectance roofing material to reduce heat gain and overall energy use
  • 76% diversion of construction waste from the landfill
  • 20% recycled materials including recycled asphalt from the city for use as sub-base and wood from Trestlewood in Blackfoot
  • 15% locally sourced materials (within a 500-mile radius)
  • Preferred parking for carpool, low emitting, and fuel efficient vehicles