Pocatello Garbage Autocart Guidelines

Proper Cart Usage

  • Bag trash to reduce litter.
  • Place carts at the curb, not on the sidewalk, by 7 a.m. on collection day with the hinges facing your home.
  • Place carts 3-5 feet from other carts, parked vehicles, mailboxes, and other obstacles.
  • Remove your cart from the curb and return it to your storage area on the same day it is emptied.

Improper Cart Usage

  • Do not use any container, other than city-provided carts, for refuse collection. Garbage cans, boxes, and other receptacles will not be picked up.
  • Do not overfill your cart. The lid must be closed in order for your cart to be emptied.
  • Do not put hot ashes, cinders, coals, or any other burning material in your cart.
  • Do not put rocks, building materials, or toxic and hazardous material in your cart.
  • Do not block the sidewalk with your cart.
  • Do not leave your cart at the curb after it is emptied.
  • Do not block access to your cart with your car.
  • Do not take the cart with you when you move.