Pocatello Community Recreation Center Locker Information & Fees

Pocatello Community Recreation Center Weight Room

The Community Recreation Center (CRC) offers two locker options:

  • Daily-Use Lockers
  • Monthly Health Club Lockers*

* A current membership is required to rent Monthly Health Club Lockers.

Daily-Use Locker Information & Rules

There is no charge to use Daily-Use Lockers.  Patrons must provide their own locks. Combination locks are for sale ($6) at the front desk.  The CRC cannot be held responsible for any personal items left unattended in the facility; therefore, patrons are encouraged to ALWAYS lock up their belongings while using the facility.  Rules for using Daily-Use Lockers are as follows:

  • Personal items may NOT be kept overnight in the Daily-Use Lockers or locker room.
  • Personal locks MUST be REMOVED from the Daily-Use Lockers EVERY DAY.
  • Personal belongings MUST be REMOVED from the locker room EVERY DAY.
  • Locks left on Daily-Use Lockers will be removed within 24 hours.*
  • Personal belongings left in the locker room or Daily-Use Lockers will be removed within 24 hours and placed in our lost and found.

* Any personal lock removed will not be returned or replaced.

Monthly Health Club Locker Rental Information

Monthly Health Club Lockers are located in our adult-only, carpeted dressing rooms. Current members who wish to rent a Monthly Health Club Locker will be assigned a locker with a built-in combination lock. A limited number of units is available.  See the front desk for more information or to start renting today.

  • You must have a current membership to rent a locker.
  • The locker rental fee must be paid in the same manner in which membership is paid (i.e.: if your membership is on bank draft, your locker fee must also be paid through bank draft).
  • A locker rental agreement must be signed in conjunction with renting a locker.
Monthly Health Club Locker Option Monthly Fee Annual Fee
Single $10 $100
Couple $15 $150