Pocatello Community Recreation Center Membership Information & Rates

Pocatello Community Recreation Center Aquacise Class

Regular Memberships

Regular Membership Monthly Rate
Youth (6–17) $22
Senior (60+) $22
Adult (18–59) $37
Couple $54
Family* $54 + $6 per child
ID Card (required) $5 per person

Discounted Memberships

Bank Draft Membership Option

To qualify for this option, your monthly membership amount must be deducted from a checking account. This option requires you to provide a voided check or other proof from your bank with your Checking Account number and Routing number.

To cancel your bank draft, a cancellation form must be filled out and returned to the Community Recreation Center before 5:00 p.m. on the 24th of the month prior.

Manage My Pocatello Utility Bank Draft
Bank Draft Membership Monthly Rate
Youth (6–17) $22
Senior (60+) $22
Adult (18–59) $30
Couple $44
Family* $44 + $5 per child
ID Card (required) $5 per person

Quarterly Membership Option

Requires a three-month commitment to be paid in full at time of signup and will expire three months after date of purchase.

Quarterly Membership 3-Month Rate
Youth (6–17) $66
Senior (60+) $66
Adult (18–59) $90
Couple $132
Family* $132 + $15 per child
ID Card (required) $5 per person

Annual Membership Option

Annual memberships are paid in full and will expire one year from the date of purchase.

Annual Membership Yearly Rate
Youth (6–17) $220
Senior (60+) $220
Adult (18–59) $300
Couple $440
Family* Couple rate + additional $60 per child
ID Card (required) $5 per person

*A family consists of two adults and children under 19 residing in the same house. Children over 18 must prove they are full-time ISU students living at home.

Health Insurance and Medicaid Memberships

Health Insurance Gym Membership Benefits

Did you know?  Many Americans have access to a free or discounted gym membership at their fingertips.  Several health insurance companies offer discounted or even free gym memberships.  These companies recognize the many benefits of living an active lifestyle.  Because of this, they strive to encourage members to pursue health and wellbeing.

The Community Recreation Center partners with the following agencies:

  • ASHLink (Silver & Fit and Active & Fit)
  • Tivity Health (Silver Sneakers and Prime)
  • OptumHealth also know as AARP/United Health Care (Renew Active and One Pass)

Call the numbers below or the Customer Service number on the back of your medical insurance card and inquire if your insurance/supplement provides a Gym Membership Benefit.  If they do, they will provide you with a Fitness ID number that you bring to us, and we will get you set up.

  • Silver & Fit and Active & Fit Memberships:  877-427-4788
  • Silver Sneakers and Prime Memberships:  888-423-4632  
  • Renew Active and One Pass:  Call the number on the back of your medical insurance card

Medicaid Preventive Health Assistance (PHA)

The Community Recreation Center is a vendor for the Medicaid Preventive Health Assistance Program, which allows qualifying people to access up to 200 points ($200 dollars) to apply towards memberships at the Community Recreation Center.  Once an approval letter is received the following memberships can be issued:

  • Seniors (60+) receive a 10-month membership
  • Adults (18–59 years) receive a 7-month membership
  • Youth (6–17 years) receive a 10-month membership

Participants will need to purchase a $5 ID card to gain access to the facility.  This is a one-time cost as long as the card is not lost.

For additional questions you can contact the PHA weight management program at 877-364-1843 or email questions to MedicaidPHAProgram@DHW.Idaho.gov.