Pocatello Annual Water Week

Pocatello Water Week

Since its first open house event in 1992, the City of Pocatello Water Department has sought to educate the public on water issues. The department schedules one week each year known as “Water Week.”

2020 Water Week

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2020 Water Week has been canceled.

Open House & Education

Water Department staff will be joined by representatives from Water Pollution Control, Sanitation, Science & Environmental, and the Bannock County Landfill who are all dedicated to educating our community. The main focus is to educate our youth about the importance of water and the environment. This important event has proven to provide valuable information to all citizens and is a learning experience they can use throughout their life.

Employees have constructed displays which demonstrate the following themes:

  • Water quality 
  • Aquifer protection
  • Water conservation   
  • Storm water
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Reuse and Recycling

Refreshments and reading material are provided to the attendees with the help of “Idaho Water Awareness Week” and local businesses.

Awards & Recognition

Over the last 28 years, there has been great support from within our community with a total of approximately 57,200 children and adults in attendance. This program has won the American Water Works Association Pacific Northwest competition in “Water Education” and the 2008 Association of Idaho Cities – City Achievement Award.


For more information about “Water Week,” or if you wish to schedule a group to attend, please call Kele Hansen at 208-234-6182.