Animal Shelter Advisory Board


  • Noon
  • Quarterly - 4th Wednesday of January, April, July & October
  • Pocatello Animal Services Education Center
    3100 Avenue of the Chiefs

About the Board

The Animal Shelter Advisory Board was created to aid the Council in considering all matters pertaining to the Animal Shelter, including the facility itself, management policies, fees, public relations, customer service, personnel needs, and other such matters. The Board consists of a maximum of 9 voting members, at least 2 of who are members of the Bannock Humane Society, and members serve 2-year terms.

Purposes of the committee are to consider matters relating to animal control within the City limits in order to improve the City's ability to handle animal issues effectively. The Board also assists in promoting a positive relationship between the Animal Shelter and the citizens of Pocatello and works to improve and maintain excellent care for the animals.


To apply for an advisory committee vacancy please fill out and submit an Advisory Committee Application. For additional questions send us an email.


Current Vacancies
Application Due Date:
1 February 22