City of Pocatello Advisory Committees

Mayor's Ad Hoc Committees

Ad hoc committees differ from standing committees. An ad hoc committee is created for the purpose of addressing a specific issue and has a limited life. Once the purpose has been achieved, the ad hoc committee is disbanded.

To find out more about the ad hoc committee, click on the committee title. To apply for an ad hoc committee vacancy please fill out and submit an Advisory Committee Application. For additional information, send us an email.

Ad Hoc Committees

Ad Hoc Committee Name Vacancies
Portneuf Valley Environmental Fair Committee 0

Standing Advisory Committees

Mayor & City Council Advisory Committees

The City of Pocatello has 18 standing volunteer citizen advisory committees. While each committee has a specific mission, the overall purpose is for citizens to advise the Mayor and Council on issues of importance to the community.

Every advisory committee is open to individuals living inside the Pocatello city limits and many boards are open to residents as young as 16 years old. There are also a few opportunities for those living in the Area of City Impact. Applications are accepted at any time and are kept on file for 1 year in case of a resignation or other unanticipated occurrence.

Pocatello's 18 advisory committees are listed below. To find out more about the committee, click on the committee title. For additional information, send us an email.

Boards, Commissions & Committees

Advisory Committee Name
Americans with Disabilities Act Grievance Committee
Animal Shelter Advisory Board
application deadline:  June 2
Child Care Advisory Committee
Civil Service Commission
2 application deadline:  June 2
Community Development Block of Grant Advisory Committee
1 - target neighborhood position: Alameda, Bonneville, or Historic Old Town

1 - at-large position
application deadline:  
June 2
Construction Board of Appeals and Review
architectural or engineering trades
application deadline:  June 2
Golf Advisory Committee
Hearing Examiner 2 application deadline:  June 2
Historic Preservation Commission
Housing Alliance and Community Partnerships
Human Relations Advisory Committee

Investment and Audit Committee NA  
Library Board
1 application deadline:  June 9
Parks and Recreation Advisory Board
Planning and Zoning Commission
Pocatello Arts Council
1 application deadline:  June 2
Pocatello Development Authority
1 applications under review
Pocatello Regional Airport Commission 0
Pocatello Mayor's Youth Advisory Council
multiple open until filled
Sister Cities Foundation - Kwaremenguel
Sister Cities Committee - Iwamizawa