Pocatello Domestic Violence Services / Resources

You can obtain specialized information about domestic violence by accessing the Bannock County Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Task Force website which contains the following:

  • Access numbers for 24-hour hotlines
  • Information on Shelters and Treatment Providers in Eastern Idaho
  • Information on Civil Protection Orders
  • Information on No Contact Orders
  • Two Sections on federal laws directed at domestic violence
  • A section on finding legal assistance and other resources often needed by victims of domestic violence
  • Information on finding domestic violence evaluators in Idaho
  • Links to other resources directed at domestic violence
  • Federal Gun Control Act

Hotlines, Shelters & Treatment Providers

See a listing of Domestic Violence 24-hour hotlines as well as a listing of shelters and treatment providers by visiting the victim services category in the resource directory.

Additional Resources

The Idaho Council on Domestic Violence & Victim Assistance provides assistance to victims and to victim advocates. They have a wealth of information on website which may be accessed by clicking this link to the Council web page.

The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence has information on dealing with domestic violence and resources for assisting victims of domestic violence.

The Violence Against Women Office of the U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Justice Programs, has many resources for victims, victim advocates, attorneys and other persons involved in addressing domestic violence.