Pocatello Ambulance Services

Since 1978, the Pocatello Fire Department has contracted with Bannock County to provide ambulance services. The Pocatello Fire Department provides Advanced Life Support (ALS) Services throughout Bannock County. ALS ambulances are staffed by full-time paramedics who respond from three Pocatello fire stations. Basic Life Support (BLS) ambulances are staffed by dedicated on-call volunteers who respond from the cities of Inkom, Downey, and Lava Hot Springs, providing service to emergencies in southern Bannock County.

Ambulance Forms

Pocatello Fire Department Ambulance Standby Request Form
Pocatello Fire Department Advanced Beneficiary Notice of Noncoverage (ABN) Form
Bannock County Ambulance District Fee Payment

Why Does a Fire Truck Respond on an EMS Call?

Within the city limits of Pocatello, a fire truck will respond to an EMS call in addition to the ambulance. This is done for several reasons:

  • Firefighters are trained EMTs that can provide emergency service if first on scene.
  • There are five fire stations in Pocatello, and front-line ambulances are only in three. By sending a fire truck, it allows for a quicker response time. Surrounding communities provide first responders who arrive to provide EMS until an advanced life support ambulance arrives.
  • Additional personnel may be needed if a patient is in cardiac arrest or to assist in movement of a patient to the ambulance.