Is Your Pet Missing?

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Stray Animals

Stray animals are held at the Pocatello Animal Shelter for 3 business days (closed Sundays and major holidays) to give owners time to locate them. If you recognize your lost animal, please reclaim that animal at the shelter during normal business hours. Animals that have not been reclaimed by their owners during the 3-day stray hold may be made available for adoption.

Click the graphic below to access a current list of stray animals being held at the Pocatello Animal Shelter.

Stray Animal List

If your pet is on the list, please come to the Pocatello Animal Shelter during business hours to reclaim that pet as soon as possible. Identification and proof of ownership are required. All animals not claimed after the 3-day holding period become the property of the City of Pocatello.

Contact City/County Resources

  • Contact both local animal shelters:
    • Pocatello Animal Services - 208-234-6156
    • Chubbuck Animal Control - 208-237-7172
  • If you live in the county, contact the Sheriff’s Department at 208-236-7114
  • If you live in a rural city, contact your City Hall
  • Contact the Bannock Humane Society at 208-232-0371
  • Contact the Portneuf Animal Welfare Society at 208-339-4183
  • Contact the Animal Shelter on a daily basis. Make a phone call daily and personally visit the shelter often. You are the only one who really knows your pet. Don’t depend on telephone information. Pet descriptions vary and mistakes can be made. Don’t give up, your daily visits remind the staff to keep an eye out for your pet.
  • Call local veterinary hospitals to see if your pet was injured and/or brought in for treatment.

Share/Monitor Important Information 

  • Give the shelters pictures of your pet. This will help greatly in identifying your pet. You can contact the Pocatello Animal Shelter by email. Please make sure you include your contact information so we can match the picture with the correct report.
  • Watch the local newspapers for found reports. Monitor PetFinder for animals posted in local shelters for adoption.
  • Advertise in local papers, including those that go to the county areas. Post signs in your neighborhood and talk to your neighbors so they can keep an eye out. Leave flyers in local public establishments. Drive around the neighborhood, visiting schools and parks where kids may be playing. Your pet may recognize the sound of your car or the sound of your voice calling it. Please remember where you post your signs so you can go take them down when your pet is found.
  • If your pet was wearing identification or is microchipped, make sure the information is current with the agency associated with the identification. (e.g. if it is a rabies tag, make sure the vet clinic has updated contact information, if it is a microchip contact the company).

Don't Wait

Don’t assume that your pet will come back on its own or that it has been stolen and won’t turn up at the shelter. Waiting to contact the appropriate agency could cost your pet’s life. Up to 20 dogs and cats can be impounded every day in the City of Pocatello alone. Check daily to see what activity has happened.

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Proper ID After Finding Pet

When you do find your pet, get proper ID on them, take pictures to keep on file and please take the time to contact the agencies you notified and let them know you have found your pet. Contact the Pocatello Animal Shelter today for information about microchipping your loved pet.